Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tintin - Blog Post #2

So far in The House of the Scorpion Farmer's strong figurative language has kept a firm grip on my attention. I was surprised to see how much I liked the metaphors in this novel, especially because after reading another novel (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime) which had almost no figurative language whatsoever, aside from a simile here and there. Tam Lin's explanation of El Patron's twisted branches gave me a much more in-depth idea of the drug lord's sinister character. "When [El Patron] was young, he made a choice, like a tree does when it decides to grow one way or the other. He grew large and green until he shadowed over the entire forest, but most of his branches are twisted." (Farmer 70) The metaphors, similes and other forms of figurative language are used in The House of the Scorpion sparingly; which is something I appreciate as well. The purpose of figurative language is to enhance the reader's understanding of the novel in a more poetic way. They should not to coat the story with unnecessary figurative language that if anything, confuse the readers. Farmer clearly has a knack for allowing metaphors and hyperboles make an appearance now and then, this way she "times" her writing in a way. Splicing in incredibly vibrant figurative language into her writing on occasion. I mean really, who wants to read a novel filled entirely with metaphorical nonsense that only makes sense "if you get it"? Foils are used quite effectively in The House of the Scorpion, Matt's foil, Tom makes Matt's shy and behaved personality stand out even more. Farmer's figurative language is mind shattering to a girl who can't help but be too straightforward with her words, and whenever I see a nicely used metaphor or simile in literature I can't help but applaud them for their literary achievement. Typically figurative language is not exactly my cup of tea, however, when it is used well and again, sparingly they are proven to be quite effective. 

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