Saturday, 3 March 2012

Emily - Blog Post #1

 What are you going to explore from this first section of the novel?
For this section I really want to explore Matt and his original “being”. I’m really curious about his life and his decision to have a clone, more so I’m curious about the background of cloning in the first place.

 What you wondering about? 
At the moment I am really wondering about the discrimination against clones. I could totally understand if people considered them different, or weird, or perhaps even like a different species, but I don’t understand why they would treat clones like filthy animals that don’t deserve any of the rights that everyone else does. I personally think that some of these discriminatory thoughts are based on the heavy religion that is portrayed throughout the town, and perhaps they think of clones as un-pure, not a creation of God, or maybe even unsanitary.

 Has anything struck you about this section? 
The main thing that has struck me about the first section of the book is the whole set up of the characters, particularly the original Matt. It’s interesting how he decides to have a house keeper to take care of the clone, and that he isolates them from the rest of the town and puts them in a house in the middle of a poppy field.

·      Why is Farmer making the choices that she is in this first section?
I think Farmer is making these choices because she is trying to relate to some concepts in modern times, as well as connections to history, (such as religion, mythical creatures, and kingdoms) but putting them in a more futuristic twist to express a certain message. Specifically for the first section, I think that Farmer is trying to focus on the characters and their personalities, the social circumstances of the setting, and how they cope with such things like cloning and kingdoms. 

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