Saturday, 24 March 2012

Blog Post #4: Free choice (Emily)

From the beginning of the book all the way to chapter 25, the main thing that has really intrigued me while reading is the metaphors and messages being portrayed throughout the book. The idea of the Alacran House and the society they live in being a dystopia is very fascinating, and definitely a concept that can really get your mind going about current society.
                   “No one can tell the difference between a clone and a human. That’s because there isn’t any difference. The idea of clones being inferior is a filthy lie.” (Farmer 245) This quote by Tam Lin sums up another concept being portrayed throughout the novel about what determines a human from a clone, and the idea of discrimination. This idea takes me back to watching the movie The Island and how clones are raised simply for the benefit of “humans”. In the end, I believe it all boils down to basic human rights, and how one should not be discriminated against because of something they can’t control, such as being a clone.
                   El Patron can also be considered a figurehead, and how the entire Alacran House is working for him and his benefit. Throughout the book, El Patron is known to be a very wealthy and selfish man and in a way can be considered very ruthless and inconsiderate. This is also a reflection on the character development throughout the novel, because towards the beginning of the book when you first meet El Patron, you are particularly fond of his character because of his kind personality towards Matt. Later on throughout the book, you begin to see El Patron’s self-absorbed personality unfold. 

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