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Emily Faraj: 
Greetings! My name is Emily Faraj from 9.3. I’m particularly excited for this novel study, because of the novel we have chosen. I really enjoy the originality of the novel so far and the creativeness of the story. Unfortunately I am not the fastest reader, however when I’m very curious and interested by a book, I will read it at a much faster pace – and fortunately, The House of the Scorpion is really intriguing.
I find that I’m particularly good at finding symbolism throughout novels, and trying to look at a deeper meaning through the text rather than the practical and literal idea. I enjoy trying to connect different ideas that I have seen in the real world, other novels, or other movies. I enjoy trying to look at certain characters and think of how they are feeling and try to envision myself in their place to try and get a better understanding of their character. 

Tintin Yang:
Hello! I'm Tintin from 9.3. Character development in novels is what holds my attention throughout novels, especially when they overlap with the creativity of the plot in the story. This project is da bomb dot com, because I adore analyzing literature, especially classic literature with a whole whack of themes and symbols. Though I love classics, my heart still lies within the Young Adult genre, with quirky coming of age themes and Dystopian novels, for example, The Hunger Games. The House of the Scorpion instantly grabbed my attention as it was a Young Adult and Dystopian novel. I'm looking forward to reading and analyzing The House of the Scorpion for the next few months!

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