Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blog Post #3 Hunted Illegal Immigrants - Tintin

Illegal immigration puts Canadians at risk when the "alien" is an on the run convict for previous crimes that they've committed. It is important to catch these dastardly villans before they attack or do any illegal activity in Canada. That's basically the idea that I get from this article, though I fully support the deportation of escaped criminals who hide in Canada or any other country for that matter. As it has been emphasized in the article, these kinds of illegal immigrants that are seeking to escape execution can put Canadian citizens in danger. Aside from the scarier convict fleeing to another country side of immigration, as depicted above; there are also people who are desperately trying to escape their countries from war, famine, or to start a new life in a country with more opportunities but don't fit the criteria for legal immigration.
In The House of the Scorpion, after learning how to cook Celia attempts to cross the border from Aztlan and the United States guided by a coyote. Her reasons to want to escape her home village were obvious, her job there at the time was undesirable to say the least, "As a girl, I went to work in a maquiladora- a factory-on the border. All day I sat on an assembly line and put tiny squares into tiny holes with a pair of tweezers. I thought I'd go blind!" (Farmer 141) Celia must have believed that she could pursue a career in the United States as a cook otherwise she wouldn't have risked her life in this way. Though it seemed as though she had nothing to lose, (she had no family or boyfriend in Aztlan after all) so she gathered all her things and left, guided by a coyote and accompanied by many others, also hopeful to reach the gleaming United States border. Perhaps the feeling of having nothing to lose was a good push for Celia to seek a coyote to get her out of Aztlan. The fact is that many illegal immigrants weren't presented with enough possibilities to live the life they wanted in their homecountry and believe they can find more elsewhere; sometimes that means getting there with a visa and sometimes people are simply denied that visa for whatever reason. Illegal immigrants can become a contributing member of society if government is willing to let them try. Though there are many illegal immigrants that I disapprove of, (i.e: criminals escaping prosecution in their homecountry) many illegal immigrants simply couldn't find another way to live pursue their dream, and perhaps sneaking under an unguarded fence was their last option.

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