Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blog Post #4 - Free Choice Chapters 1 - 25 (Tintin)

Since the first ten chapters The House of the Scorpion has definitely picked up the pace. Between chapters 11 - 25 many developments have happened, which created numerous unexpected plot twists and shocking revelations. Not only has the plot developed, the characters have grown as well. Take Tam Lin for example, when he was first introduced on page 63 as: "Tam Lin's ears appeared chewed, they were so misshapen. But when Matt looked into Tam Lin's eyes, he was surprised to see a glint of friendliness." (Farmer 63) I never expected the bodyguard to be a major dynamic character, with such a malevolent past. I assumed his character would stay quiet with little motive to reveal anything about himself. The character that I was most curious about was El Patron, why he felt the need to continue living after over a hundred years and the history behind his drug empire. During these past 15 chapters, I've found the answer to all of these pressing questions. Aside from the supporting characters developing throughout The House of the Scorpion, we have learnt so much about our protagonist, Matteo Alacrán. We have discovered his purpose in the Alacrán family, why he is Mi Vida to El Patron, and reason behind his estranged relationship with Maria. I am excited to read further and uncover Matt's fate in Aztlán.

The House of the Scorpion's plot had also advanced quite substantially through these past chapters. There has been much discussion of overthrowing El Patron, which would forever change Opium. Tam Lin and Maria's secret conversations about keeping Matt alive and innovating Opium "'It's not all right.' [Tam Lin] buried his head in his arms ono the table. 'We're bloody lab animals to this lot. W're only well treated until we outlive our usefulness.' 'They won't get their way forever,' Celia whispered, putting her arms around him." remind me of another novel, The Hunger Games. In The Hunger Games, Katniss is the symbol throughout the country of uprising/rebellion against President Snow; in The House of the Scorpion, I believe that Matt is somewhat of a catalyst for change. He made Tam Lin and Celia who are under the wrath of El Patron to finally say: "enough is enough, El Patron should not take any more lives, clones or eejits." Together, they had found a way to let Matt escape, being "the one possession El Patron let slip through his fingers." (Farmer 246) In addition, the idea of an eejit reminded me of an Avox; in The Hunger Games avoxes are humans who have been punished for rebelling against the Capitol, and eejits are humans who are punished for defying Farm Patrol or El Patron.


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