Minimum Requirements for Each Individual 
  1. Submit 9+ well-edited individual blog entries of 2 or more paragraphs. Length: 7+ sentences each paragraph.
  2. Respond via comment to 9+ different blog entries (spread across all other team blogs). Length: 7+ sentences each.
  3. Keep track of all contributions to the team via an individual Google Docs spreadsheet (and add to the team spreadsheet).
  4. Submit — at the end of the project — all of the following: a) individual contributions spreadsheet; b) a record of all team contributions.
  5. Submit — at the end of the project — a typed 1+ page analysis of what you learned and how you contributed to the team’s success.
  6. Use the class time together appropriately at all times.
  7. Use the Internet appropriately at all times (including the links submitted).
  8. Accurately cite/give accurate credit to all resources (print, on-line, movie, etc) that are used in blog entries or as sidebar links/resources.
  9. Keep up with the reading. Quizzes may take place on any ‘due’ date on the reading calendar.
  10. Participate appropriately within your team at all times.
All students will receive separate grades based on the 3 following categories:

1. Individually:
  • meeting minimum # of submissions
  • quality of submissions as assessed with adapted PAT writing scoring guide (multiple categories)
  • 1+-page review upon conclusion of project
  • insight and thoughtful inquiry demonstrated through round table conversations
  • spreadsheet (or similar) detailing all contributions upon conclusion of project
  • participation (observations, conversations, peer and self assessment, spreadsheet record of contributions)
2. Enhancing & Supporting Community:
  • fact-checking / editing all individual & team submissions; checking the validity / appropriateness of all links to be put on web site; reviewing all in-coming comments by other teams
  • communicating regularly with Mrs. Waite & Ms. Groeller re: team submissions and needs / questions
  • maintaining editor’s records spreadsheet via Google Docs for all individual / team submissions
  • appropriate participation/leadership
3. Group Blog/Product:
  • overall design and content management
  • organization
  • public value/perception of final product
  • appropriate content/links

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